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Personal Training and Fitness for Life at MOPT Inverell

13th Nov 2018

Member of the Month - Amanda and Scott Germany

From old school weight lifting, to fun and funky cardio workouts—ask Amanda and Scott Germany what Ministry of Personal Training Inverell has to offer and they will tell you that they have it all.

Lifestyle Coaching

Scott and Amanda committed to do Personal Training together. One, so they can see each other a bit more in a busy week and two, as an ongoing dedicated program to better health. They love the Personal Training component at MOPT because this is their personal fave, weights. Let’s face it, PT sessions push you to those limits that you wouldn’t go to on your own, plus, Amanda and Scott love that they can just relax and let the experts guide them week by week.

Fun at cardio

Amanda and Scott choose to attend group circuit classes also because this “fills in the gaps” that weight training cannot provide and is guaranteed to provide plenty of entertainment for the week! It is the opportunity to hang out with like-minded people in a high-energy, fun and relaxed environment that Scott and Amanda appreciate the most.

Ongoing health goals

For Scott and Amanda, the ongoing commitment to training saves them the hassle of wondering what comes next. They schedule fitness sessions into the diary each week as if it were another appointment and attend. Rain, hail or shine! Seeing results is addictive, setting challenges motivates and extends; there is a lot to love about surrounding yourself with motivated people who are also aiming to achieve and improve their fitness.

MOPT is here to help you. Our personal trainers are dedicated, committed and harder on themselves than anyone else. You can’t go wrong. Give MOPT Inverell a call today. You won’t look back.

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