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2 on 1 Personal Training

$30 per person

Two-on-One Personal training is where you and train with a friend, partner or a buddy. Many people find this to be a cost effective way of hiring personal trainer as you share the costs of training with another person.

With two-on-one personal training you will receive personalized attention and the sessions and workout programs are tailored to each individual. This option is perfect for those who get motivated by friendship and want to share the fitness journey together. Great for couples who want to train together.

Your personal trainer will create a comprehensive program that will include:

  • Nutritional advice: Use a Food diary and do meal planning
  • Resistance/weight training: increase lean muscle mass and muscle toning
  • Cardiovascular exercise: learn to train in different heart rate zones
  • Challenge planning: to prevent injury, promote recovery, get ready for fitness related events
  • Goal Coaching: Provide knowledge, support and motivation