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4 on 1 Personal Training

$20 per person

This option presents the opportunity for people to experience the benefits of a personal trainer on a budget .Sessions are varied and modifiable based on each of the individual’s abilities. Bring a group of friends and create their own personalized group. All of our MOPT trainers are qualified Personal Trainers, you will get personalized service and expert care regardless of the amount of gym partners

Its not just a fitness instructor that takes classes in most large gyms and fitness chains. A 4 on 1 is a cost-effective extension of our personal training experience, and designed for people wanting to add to their 1 on 1 personal training or circuit class experience and be with a group of like-minded people. You could bring friends and family to create a personalized group for yourself.

Clients who want to start a personal training experience, and prefer to train with other people.

Great for parents and children to train together, while providing them with another social outlet and common goals.